Episode 4: Doctor Who (Part 2)

Here is the second half of our discussion about Doctor Who. This is the classic series which ran from 1963 to 1989.

The promo in this episode is for the DWO WhoCast.

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  1. Sabrina Tirabassi says:

    The Doctor landed in Italy the first time in the february-march 1980. He arrived illegally (I always say he’s one of the first illegal aliens to arrive in my country…), ’cause italian RAI TV, our state television, decided to buy the show not directly from the BBC, but from some french television. This is the reason why the first italian Doctor Who fans like me do not say “Tàrdis”, with an english accent, but “Tardìs”, imitating the french accent our actors heard and dubbed in. The french version, though, was changed before it reached italy. An electronic soundtrack was added (and sometimes badly mixed) to the original score. Even so, I liked it very much, and I wasn’t the only one. A famous performer, now sadly no longer with us, said in a commentary that she found the Doctor Who french version on a DVD published in Canada, and she liked it too. Now, since the half of your company is canadian, do you know anything about it?
    Thank you, and take care

    • Brian says:

      I’m not aware of any French-language Doctor Who DVDs being released in Canada. They usually distribute the American discs in Canada (for classic Doctor Who). There could be French Doctor Who DVDs available in Quebec or specialty stores.

    • giorgia says:

      Hey Sabrina, i’m writing a thesis on Doctor Who, and i’m very interested in what you just said. DW was bought from a french television? I have found no news on that on the internet, could you please tell me the sources where you read that? Or where did you hear about it? 🙂
      thank you very much xx

      (im italian too)

      • Sabrina Tirabassi says:

        Sorry, Giorgia, I stated it as if it was documented news, and not simple guesswork, even if educated guesswork anyway. It’s common knowledge among anime fans that the Ufo Robot Grendizer series was bought in Italy from France, ’cause of the italian title Goldrake that was an imitation of the french one Goldorak, while the american title was still like the original, Ufo Robot Grenidizer. Since Doctor Who and Goldrake came to Italy around the same period, and since the italian dubbers said “Tardìs”, an accent they couldn’t possibly have picked up on the original version, I guessed, and now I see I could be wrong, that the shows went in the same batch. I also haven’t found proof of the change of the french soundtrack. The Canadian version found by Elisabeth Sladen (a VHS maybe?) is probably impossible to find now, the french versions are very difficult to find, even getting in contact with the french fan club. There is an italian version available here and there, but probably you already know that, and it could be a bit illegal to acquire (but then, everything about it in Italian is illegal…). Scusa la risposta in inglese, non tra i migliori, ma ho ritenuto fosse il caso di far capire a tutti. A proposito, la prova definitiva che Doctor Who è stato comprato illegalmente in italia, anche se non è specificato da dove, si trova nel Testo Informativo del quarto episodio di The Ark in Space, dove sono citati tutti i paesi che hanno comprato la storia, la Francia compare ma l’Italia no.
        Piacere di conoscerti, a presto.

      • sabrina tirabassi says:

        My humblest apologies for my lack of thoroughness in my research. When I read on the Ark in Space info texts that France was on the list of the nations that purchased that episode of Doctor Who, while Italy was not, I assumed they bought it before we did. I was wrong. I only can say for myself that the story The Trial of a Time Lord wasn’t available on DVD at the time, so I had no datas to rely on. Now I watched Mindwarp, and I found out that the French TV station TF-1 was dealing with the BBC for the first purchase ever of Doctor Who in France while that episode was produced. Some early Tom Baker episodes were then purchased and aired in 1987, a long time after we aired them for the first time (and probably after we did it a second time, too). So, yes, we did buy Doctor Who illegally, no, we don’t know anything about the circumstances under which we did it, and no, we didn’t buy it from France as I thought. This also means that the so called “muzak” added to the italian version was italian production, and if Elisabeth Sladen was right, and the French version had a different soundtrack, too, it was a different one. My tip about all this is, Giorgia, don’t do your researches on the net. You can find anything there, expecially wrong things. The only relyable datas can be found on the info text of the classic DVDs, since I’m afraid that having permission from the BBC to browse their archives must be a very difficult thing to achieve. On the DVDs we have all thoroughly researched by the likes of Richard Molesworth, Martin Wiggins and others, you can absolutely trust them. Thank you for your patience and bye.

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