British Invaders 83: The Last Train (Part 2)

The Last Train was a six episode ITV series from 1999. The main characters survive the asteroid impact that destroys most of the world’s population. They wake after the disaster, but how much time has passed? How will they survive?

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4 Responses to British Invaders 83: The Last Train (Part 2)

  1. Mark_uk says:

    I was sceptical at first, i was prepared yo rubbish it before i watched it,
    i’m a 1970s SURVIVORS nutter,. watched SURVIVORS as a kid, didn’t understand it, but was captivated by the visuals.i still remember certain images from the series and the visual impact these must have had since 1976 – when i was 10. strange how you remember certain things, even more strangely, i was watching Survivors and a (new) friend called, he sat watching and it seems he remembered wayching it as a kid too, and, for reasons that i cant explain, he asked me about a certain scene, which was the scene that was burned into my mind, all those years ago. needless to say, i lent him all 38 VHS tapes. i felt quite proud, as i converted a couple more friends to it too. one mate who moved to Canada, got into it big time, i hope to set up a Survivors podcast sometime, but ot sure how much content i would have.

    Last train.. well, it took me by surprise, i expected it to be soul-less and politically correct, no interest or stunning or haunting visuals that would stay with me for a while, – though i agree with your comments about the show, i really enjoyed the dismal atmosphere, the industrial wastelands, and some of the locations were superb. i am thinking of the old holiday camp, and of course, the so dark, harrowing scene in the cooling tower where they crucified our survivors. this scene in particular, stays with me. creepy. the story as a bit convoluted in parts, and being a short series, didn’t get enough time to develop the characters, and so i didn’t feel too much empathy for most the characters, added to the fact the pacing seemed a little bit too quick-cut for my liking, as compared to the luxurious character exploration in 1970s Survivors..
    The fact that i saw and was horrified and deeply moved by ‘Threads’ when originally broadcast, (and have been showing it to as many people as poss, as an anti-war exercise ! – to good effect mainly, too.) did get my attention.
    Anyway, enough waffle from me.
    Interesting and enjoyable show chaps, Thanks !

  2. Neil Morgan says:

    sorry not a comment on the episode.

    Are all past episodes going to be on itunes?

    Great show! Been looking for a decent cult TV podcast for ages!


  3. briand says:

    Hi, Neil. You can download past episodes from our website. We may add some type of “archive feed” in the future. At the moment, you need to download the old episodes from the website.

  4. Adam Stone says:

    Hi, Just listened to this episode the other day (i;m sooooooo behind) but I have to agree with your comments on The Last Train. I watched it on the original broadcast back in the days when we were starved of decent British genre shows and quite enjoyed it. It was a decent enough attempt and was better than the recent remake of Survivors in my opinion.

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