British Invaders 92: Eleventh Hour (Part 1)

Eleventh Hour was about Professor Ian Hood and his bodyguard Rachel Young investigating modern science. The 2006 series covered cloning, climate change, virulent diseases and more. It starred Patrick Stewart. Was science fiction or science-based fiction?

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One Response to British Invaders 92: Eleventh Hour (Part 1)

  1. Mike says:

    Delighted you decided to cover Eleventh Hour despite it’s toe dipping into the scifi pond but after Oktober (which I watched thanks to your coverage and I liked) it’s certainly has the credentials. I rarely watch anything on ITV1 but this science drama with Patrick Stewart was a no-brainer combining some good drama and a little action and thankfully not straying into the more kiddie safe arena.
    It’s a shame there were no more UK stories but after listening to the podcast there it seems to have been a troubled show but no real complaints with the final offering. I did watch the US version and it stands on it’s but is definitely faster paced and a little more simplistic to attract a larger market.

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