British Invades 152: Outcasts (Part 2)

Outcasts was a BBC series from 2011 that followed a group of human colonists on the planet Carpathia. They deal with the hostile environment, the divisive politics and the mistakes of the past. Has something else been waiting for the people on Carpathia?

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2 Responses to British Invades 152: Outcasts (Part 2)

  1. Alan Dartnell says:

    As a result of hearing your first podcast on this series I obtained the DVDs and watched them yesterday. I found it superb and was dispointed that the second series was cancelled. My suspicion is that people to day prefer much faster paced, action packed episodes – as with the old and new Dr Who series, I prefer the old..

    In your second Outcasts podcast you mention that the population of Forthaven seemed to be in the thousands, but that no particular figure is mentioned. I am pretty sure, given that I only watched it yesterday, that in one of the last two episodes the figure of 70,000 was mentioned.

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks for that, Alan. It’s always wonderful to hear about someone watching a show on our advice. I do prefer the slower pacing of the older shows, but I think this one did have few issues. All in all, I did like it. That “70 000” figure does indeed sound familiar. Take care.


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