British Invaders 166: Ghostwatch (Part 1)

Ghostwatch was a BBC broadcast from 1992. Well known TV personalities host an investigation into ghosts in a haunted house. What will they find and what will they unleash?

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One Response to British Invaders 166: Ghostwatch (Part 1)

  1. bobby torres says:

    I’ve watched this particular film a few times and it is still fantastic. It still holds up well, and it possible this film may have served as inspiration for all those paranormal activity films that got made, except this film does it better because of its style as investigative journalism. There is a film that came out fairly recently called the WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL that is kinda like Ghostwatch, except it’s done in the style of a program recorded off television from the 80s, including all kinds of phony commercials and whatnot, since it was touted as a horror comedy made in the states.

    Anyway, this is absolutely wonderful because of how well constructed it is, and also seeing Craig Charles being his goofy self was great, because as a fan of Red Dwarf it was great seeing Lister in a more down to Earth setting.

    I am also a fan of fiction that tries to blur the lines of reality a bit, something not always easy to do.

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