British Invaders 128: Random Quest (Part 2)

Random Quest was a one-hour BBC drama based on a story by John Wyndham. Colin Trafford has found himself in an alternate version of reality. Can he find someone he knew in a different world?

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  1. Mark Leeper says:

    Back in the 1970s they ran QUEST FOR LOVE, the 1971 film version of RANDOM QUEST, on San Francisco TV. It has run very rarely since, but I got it first on Audio Tape off a broadcast, then VHS off of TV, and now I have it on DVD. Obviously I quite liked it, though there were numerous differences from the Wyndham story.

    In the 2nd world Trafford is not a science fiction writer but a successful playwright whose hotly awaited new play opens the night that he arrives. He does not know it is his play so he seems like a jerk when he says he thought the play was quite good. Just about everything he says makes him sound like an arrogant rotter. Of course he falls in love with Ottilie and has a very hard time winning her over. All the technology is much less advanced in the 2nd world. In his first night drunken tirade he tells his guests “There are men on the moon… men on the moon. And you haven’t climbed bloody Everest.”

    Well eventually he convinces Ottilie to give him a second chance. It seems like they will be happy together. Then he finds out Ottilie is dying of a heart condition. He tells the doctors there is a treatment. He had read about it. The doctors say they have never heard of it. He realizes that the treatment had not been discovered yet in this world. Now he loves Ottilie and she loves him only to have her die in his arms. In his instant of grief he snaps back to our world. He realizes this world’s Ottilie probably has the same heart condition and will die if he cannot find her.

    The film is done mostly as a romance and is a bit smarmy with a very fancy life style as background, lots of scenes with flowers, and on overpowering musical score. But with all that it has a good story under it so it is compelling.

    The film is largely unknown, but most anyone I show it to likes it.

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