Episode 8: Quatermass (Part 2)

This is the second half of our discussion of Quatermass. We talk about the Hammer Films remakes and the television and radio revivals.

The promo in this episode is for StarShipSofa.

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6 Responses to Episode 8: Quatermass (Part 2)

  1. Sabrina Tirabassi says:

    I started downloading your podcast only recently, and listening to the Quatermass one I found out that there are also novelisations of the serials available. I’ve been searching, and found only the novel about the Quatermass IV serial. I believe you said that two novels at least were printed, can you tell me more about the second one? For example, the name of the publisher could be of great help…
    Thank you, and keep up with the good work.
    (And if you’ll need more comments after seeing the italian Andromeda, I’ll be there…)

  2. eamonn says:

    Hi, Sabrina
    They were originally published by Penguin books in 1960. They were reprintings of the TV scripts rather than novelisations. The Penguin versions are a bit difficult to get hold of now and the prices reflect that.

    All the scripts were re-released in 1979 by Arrow books to tie in with Quatermass IV. Those paperback versions have quite nice cover illustrations from the original shows and are a bit easier and cheaper to get hold of on the second-hand book market. If you search the books section of Amazon.co.uk for Quatermass you will find them.
    Try http://tinyurl.com/3zq2mfw

    The same scripts are available as pdf files on the DVD set (I think) – but I’m told they are slightly dodgy scans of photocopies and not very readable in places.

    I have a set of the Penguin originals on my bookshelf at work so if you want more information let me know and I will consult them.

    Hope that helps.

    • eamonn says:

      Doctor’s log: supplemental
      If you search eBay UK you can find the Penguin originals for much cheaper prices than the amazon marketplace.

      BTW, I think all the original Quatermass episodes that survive can be found for free on the internet archive now.

      • Sabrina Tirabassi says:

        My Dearests,
        Thank you for youk kind help. I can see now that I disturbed you for nothing. I’m sorry, but when you said “novelisations” I thought I could find available something similar to the Andromeda novel. I too have the whole trilogy published by Penguin Books in 1960 (and Heaven knows how much it costed me…). DVD boxsets, scripts, CDs, anything Nigel Kneale wrote for television, you name it, I hope I have them all. Only when you said there was a pair of “novelisations” available, I thought I had to catch up with something. I only found a Quatermass IV novel, and I bought it. I thought you were talking about some more “novels”, that’s why I asked you for more informations. (I also could have the italian “L’Astronave Atomica del Professor Quatermass”, book published in Italy by Urania – could it be the only translation in a foreign language of Kneale’s work? – but I didn’t want it, ’cause it was just a translation of the Penguin Books version I already had. If I wanted it translated, I’d do it myself… )
        Well, thank you for your help, I could have missed the Quatermass IV novel without you. And sorry again for my intruding…

        • Brian says:

          The DVDs only include the scripts for the four missing episodes of The Quatermass Experiment. They look like scans of photocopies of the original shooting script. They are quite difficult to read. The Penguin script-book is much better. The scripts of the existing episodes are not included with the DVDs.

          • Sabrina Tirabassi says:

            I wanted to do the effort and try to read them anyway, ’cause Nigel Kneale wrote on the introduction of the Penguin scripts that these are not faithful to the original. He changed them so that they could fit in the book medium, since he felt that a script meant for television wouldn’t work on the written page. So, in the end the two things are quite different. Believe me, they are! I tried to read the book of Quatermass II to help me understanding some muffled lines in the serial (the audio being what it can be…), and the two scripts don’t match at all. Maybe it’s better to read (or try to read) The Quatermass Experiment’s script and the Penguin version as two separate things. It’s interesting, anyway, to see how they differ…

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