British Invaders 34: Children of the Stones (Part 2)

We now continue our discussion of Children of the Stones. It was a 1977 serial about a village surrounded by a mysterious circle of massive stones. Are the stones the real mystery, or is it the villagers?

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2 Responses to British Invaders 34: Children of the Stones (Part 2)

  1. Patrick says:

    Only two TV shows really left me traumatised as a kid. This was one of them and the other was assignment 4 of Sapphire and Steel (with the faceless man). It might sound mad but I would almost be affraid to watch them today.

    • Brian says:

      Those were both great shows, Patrick! I don’t think they’d let you down (or re-traumatise you) if you watched them now. Thanks for listening.

      -Brian (from Canada)

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