British Invaders 109: Sapphire & Steel: The Audio Dramas (Part 1)

Sapphire & Steel was a spooky series of “science fiction ghost stories” that ran on ITV in the late 1970s and early 1980s. We covered that in British Invaders Episode 1 (more than four years ago…).

In 2005, Big Finish Productions revived Sapphire & Steel as a series of audio dramas. These audio plays mix elements of the original series with some new ideas. The results are very spooky indeed….

This is the first time that we are devoting an entire British Invaders discussion to a non-television spin-off of a British television series. We plan to do something like this roughly once each year. What do you think of that idea?

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One Response to British Invaders 109: Sapphire & Steel: The Audio Dramas (Part 1)

  1. Paul Greaves says:

    I love the Sapphire & Steel audio dramas, All Fall Down being a particular favourite. Don’t forget that as well as being nominated for a BAFTA for playing Matty Storin in House of Cards, she was also the second female lead in the BBCs 1995 renowned adaptation of Pride & Prejudice, starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. In fact, Ultraviolet was her next TV role after P&P.

    And of more interest to DW fans, she was ‘romantically linked to Paul McGann between 2006-2008 (after they worked together on BF’s Shada).

    I think she’s a very under-rated actress. Just look at the difference between Jane Bennett in P&P, Angie March in Ultraviolet and Sapphire!

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