British Invaders 205: The Fades (Part 2)

The Fades was a 2011 BBC serial about supernatural ghost-like creatures. Can a teenager called Paul turn the tides in the battle against the dead?

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2 Responses to British Invaders 205: The Fades (Part 2)


    Hi! I wanted to thank you for your show. I am putting together the video room for a (sort of) new British media convention called Anglicon and I will be featuring several shows that have been featured on your podcast. While the convention will have a Doctor Who focus, with guests including Colin Baker, Sophie Aldred, Katie Manning & Jon Davey, other British sic-fi/fantasy will be showcased. This podcast has really helped me find interesting stuff and the video room will be *awesome*. By the way, have you done Suburban Shootout? Hilarious show. 🙂


    • Brian says:

      Hi, Sarah. I’m so glad you’ve been able to use our choices to help with your video room! What will you be screening? We have not covered Suburban Shootout.

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