British Invaders 348: Solid Geometry (Part 2)

Solid Geometry was a 2002 short film for television that dealt with obsession, relationships and mathematics. Can this geometry change the fabric of reality?

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2 Responses to British Invaders 348: Solid Geometry (Part 2)

  1. Alyson and Nic says:

    Hi Gents

    We pretty much agree with your assessment of the show. Worth watching once for the unusual central idea but not at its current cost.
    Brian’s comments about the misogyny are pretty spot on. The final scene was breathtakingly cold and awful and probably the reason why we remembered such a short play from so long ago.
    HOME is probably going to be a no-no due to its lack of availability outside of Youtube. A pity. Because Antony Sher is wonderful in what is a practically one-man show.
    Anyway. It was interesting to hear your take on it.

    Best wishes
    Alyson and Nic

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